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Principals' problems: 'Hate' transcript is AI hoax, but drag queen at the prom is real

Eric Eiswert was suspended as principal of a Baltimore County high school when an audio transcript was released apparently showing him making racist and antisemitic comments. He received death threats.

It was an AI deepfake, say investigators, report Kristen Griffith and Justin Fenton in the Baltimore Banner. Dazhon Darien, Pikesville High School’s former athletic director, was arrested yesterday for disrupting school activities and other crimes, including theft, retaliating against a witness, and stalking. He was stopped while trying to board an airplane with a gun.

Eiswert was investigating Darien for an improper payment to his roommate, who he'd claimed was an assistant girls soccer coach, report Griffith and Fenton.

The principal "has not been working in the school since the investigation began," they write. It's not clear Eiswert will return to Pikesville High.

Irene Cisneros, the principal of Atrisco Heritage High in Albuquerque, was suspended this week after parents complained she'd invited a drag queen to perform a dance at the April 20 prom, reports Faith Egbuonu for KOAT News.

Parents and students say there was no advance warning that Dylan Payan, also known as Mythica Sahreen, would be gyrating at the dance.

Payan told KOAT he'd volunteered at the school with the Gay-Straight Alliance, and was invited to perform -- for free -- by school officials.

The high school prom is supposed to be for high school students. They do the dancing. What was the principal thinking?

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Apr 27

The activists and pols who attacked Eric Eiswert will admit being wrong and apologize in 1000000 ... 999999, 999998, ... probably never. Being accused of racism means you are guilty even - especially? - when proven innocent.

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