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NEA: 'Educators love their students' and know best what they need

The National Education Association's claim that educators "love" their students and know what's best for them is getting a lot of push back, as well as mockery.

A follow-up tweet said: "Together, families and educators are an essential team for advocating for the resources and opportunities all students need." So, parents' role is to advocate for more school funding.

This is why I'm a homeschool dad, writes Tom Knight on Tilting at Windmills. He started when his daughter's school closed, realized it was doable and kept going.

He remembers "when teachers were saying the problem was that parents weren’t involved in their children’s education." Then parents were forced to get involved by the pandemic, he writes. Educators seem to see that as a problem too.

Homeschooling isn't easy, writes Knight. But it gives parents the choice of what and how to teach. The NEA is making him feel good about his decision to stick with it.

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