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He sat in class — and got suspended

While other students walked out of school to protest gun violence, Jacob Shoemaker sat in class alone. The Hilliard Davidson High senior was suspended for one day for refusing to follow instructions to join the other non-protesters at his Ohio school. Students who walked out were not suspended.

Jacob Shoemaker holds his suspension notice.

He was trying to stay neutral, Shoemaker told ABC6. “If you walked out you were with the protest, you were for gun control and anti-gun violence. And if you sat in this pit with all these other people you were pro gun-violence.”

Staying in class was his way to protest “politics in the classroom,” he said. “I feel that it has no place. In a school, in a district, anywhere.”

School officials say Shoemaker was ordered to move because it’s unsafe for students to be unsupervised. Where was the teacher? Were the students who walked out supervised by teachers? If so, was there nobody left to supervise Shoemaker’s anti-protest protest?

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