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Who needs middle school?

Boston will eliminate middle schools under a plan proposed by Superintendent Tommy Chang. The city already has created a number of K-8 schools. The plan calls for students to attend a K-8 and a high school with grades 9 to 12 or a K-6 and a school that includes grades 7-12.

Chang wants to eliminate the “middle school plunge” in achievement.

“Moving to a middle school causes a substantial drop in student test scores (relative to that of students who remain in K–8 schools),” researchers reported in Education Next. Furthermore, students who went to middle school do not catch up with former K-8 students when they move on to high school.

I loved my elementary school, hated my junior high (grades 6 to 8) and liked high school. All that puberty in one building can be overwhelming.

Puberty starts earlier in the developed world due to better health and nutrition. But the age of marriage has been pushed back.

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