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Which classroom do you want for your child?

Pray that your children get the first classroom, tweeted ResearchED founder Tom Bennett in response to the graphic by Deeper Learning.

Blake Harvard, who teaches AP Psychology, defends the traditional classroom with a “sage on the stage” teacher.

The “deeper learning” classroom has no monopoly on content, communications, collaboration, critical thinking, positive mindset and lifelong learning, Harvard argues. In his traditional classroom, students “interact verbally, self-assess, check for understanding with a partner/group, ask questions of my instruction or others’ statements, et cetera.”

Misled by “American edutwitter,” new teachers may believe their students should be “constantly in conversation, constantly creating, and constantly up and about,” writes Harvard.

Creativity does not occur without knowledge. You cannot be creative with information you do not have. Novice learners, who are acquiring the knowledge to be creative, learn better in a more organized classroom with fewer extraneous distractions.

He advises: “Know your subject. Teach your material cleanly and directly.  Imparting knowledge is the best thing you can do for your students.”

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