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Ohio: No job skills needed to be ‘career ready’

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Ohio will put a career readiness seal on the diplomas of graduates who’ve mastered skills such as teamwork and creativity, reports Catherine Gewertz in Education Week. Taking career-tech courses or showing mastery of vocational skills is not required.

Among the 15 skills on Ohio’s list are “soft” or “21st century” skills such as “teamwork, punctuality, leadership, and having a good work ethic,” she writes.

Others, like critical thinking, reflect longstanding educator goals. Still others reflect a more recent focus on skills that are particularly necessary in a modern economy that’s shaped by globalism and technology: mastery of digital tools and “global/intercultural fluency.” One of the 15 “skills” is actually a pledge to be drug-free.

To earn the seal, Ohio students will “have to work with at least three adults, from school, work, or their community, who can validate that they’ve mastered particular skills.”

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