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Make peace, not culture war

"Liberal Patriot" Ruy Teixeira advises Democrats to stop fighting culture wars and make peace with middle-ground voters.

For example, most people want "high quality, non-ideological education," he writes. They believe "equality of opportunity" is fundamental, but "equality of outcome is not."

Among his common-sense propositions:

Racial achievement gaps are bad and we should seek to close them. However, they are not due just to racism and standards of high achievement should be maintained for people of all races.
No one is completely without bias but calling all white people racists who benefit from white privilege and American society a white supremacist society is not right or fair.

Cultural radicalism is a loser, Teixeira warns.

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Mar 18, 2023

Sound advice, as usual from the sage Texeira, but not likely to be taken.


Mar 17, 2023

But in Democratic Party circles, if one does not claim that blacks are above criticism but below agency, then one automatically gets called a racist.

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