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All under-18 sex is abuse in Oregon

If an Oregon teacher believes that two 17-year-old students are having consensual sex with each other, she must report the “child abuse” to police, Salem-Keizer administrators told teachers and staff. The policy is controversial, reports Natalie Pate for the Statesman-Journal.

More than 550 people signed a digital petition opposing the policy, which is not followed by most Oregon school districts.

Young love or child abuse?

“Under Oregon law, any person younger than 18 is unable to give consent, so any sexual activity is considered abuse,” writes Pate. Teachers are required to report suspicions of sexual abuse. Failure to do so is a serious offense.

Salem-Keizer wants teachers to turn in their own teen-age children.

“The students no longer have that safe teacher they can talk to,” said Kimberly Schott, a McNary High student who’s leading the protest. “Instead, the students must find a way to be sneaky and hide so that they don’t get reported, which could lead to several more issues.”

“More than 40 percent of high school students said they have had sex in a survey by the Center for Disease Control,” writes Pate.

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