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54% of parents are considering a new school for their kids

A majority of parents are considering a new school, according to a new survey by the School Choice Awareness Foundation. Two-thirds say they're largely satisfied with their child's current school, but they're open to alternatives.

Black and Hispanic parents are the most eager for new options: More than 64 percent are considering new schools, compared to 46 percent of white parents.

Overall, 16.6 percent of parents surveyed choose new schools in the past year, 11 percent considered it and 16 percent are currently considering new schools, the survey reports.

"Nearly half of parents (45.6 percent) said they considered traditional public schools within their neighborhoods, while 38.2 percent considered public schools outside of their district or zones, 31.5 percent of parents considered public charter schools, 29.1 percent considered private or faith-based schools, 22.9 percent considered homeschooling, 20.8 percent considered full-time online schooling, and 4 percent considered microschooling or pod learning," the survey reported.

"Transportation is a key issue," writes Shelby Doyle, who works for the foundation. "One third of parents who did not seek out new schools said they would be likely to consider making a switch if transportation were provided."

"Nearly two thirds of parents –– including 75.3% of young millennials, 71.2% of Black parents and 75.7% of Latinos –– said they would benefit from knowing more about the choices available for their children’s education."

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Jan 25, 2023

Every church should be looking at how to start up a new school. It doesn't take smart boards and tablets for every kid. It takes a couple dedicated teachers and a bit of space. There are even free curricula out there that are solid.


Jan 24, 2023

This short by a former teacher lip synching a comedian on telling someone the job of a teacher is funny. It fits as when asked "who are these kids?" "Just those that live near the building"

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