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Graduation Requirements

What are the high school graduation requirements where you live?

My school board recently increased the graduation requirements starting with the Class of 2023; those students will now require 3 (no longer 2) years of math, 2 years of foreign language, 3 years of science, and a few others.

My school is on a 6-period day. The only way students can fulfill all these requirements, and still have room for electives and for a couple of year-long classes (we have some “academies”) would be to switch to a 4-period block which, over the course of a school year, would allow students to take 8 courses–just not all at once. We really don’t see how we can have students meet the graduation requirements, have some electives, and not all have the same “uni-schedule” without making these changes.

How does your school do it?

High school seems to be getting too focused on college entrance.  It’s too academic.

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