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Generation Doom: Show students a path forward

Teachers should encourage young people to believe in the future, writes Alice Dominguez on EdSurge. The Doomer Generation needs a sense of hope, not more negativity, she writes. If students are cynical and afraid, teachers should "shine a light on students’ paths forward."

Photo: Octavio Lopez Galindo/Pixabay

She also suggests telling kids that it's up to them to "save the world" puts an unfair burden on them.

Dominguez teaches English and yoga and mindfulness at a Catholic high school near San Diego.

“I’m tired of living through history,” one of her students said.

We said that in my day: The Vietnam War, race riots, Watergate . . . We had history back in ancient history too. (That said, we didn't have school shootings or school closures.)

At a school in Kiev, Ukrainian students try to learn despite blackouts and hours in the school bomb shelter, reports Megan Specia in the New York Times. Teachers use the flashlights on their phones to teach when the power is out. Older students learn first aid.

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