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Free speech trumps ‘offensiveness’

Oregon’s Liberty High School must respect a student’s free-speech rights to wear a “Donald J. Trump Border Wall Construction Co.” T-shirt, reports Maxine Bernstein on Oregon Live.

“A federal judge Tuesday granted a temporary restraining order, barring Hillsboro’s Liberty High School from preventing senior Addison Barnes from wearing his pro-border wall T-shirt to school for the rest of this school year, writes Bernstein.

U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman said the district didn’t show the shirt could “substantially disrupt” the school.

School officials had argued the shirt would contribute to a “hostile learning environment” at a school where a third of students are Latino.

In a post on the “right” not to be offended, my guest-blogger Darren Miller pointed out that the ACLU defended Barnes’ right to wear the shirt to express his political beliefs. ACLU Oregon Legal Director Mat dos Santos told KGW-TV. “This shirt is mean spirited, but it isn’t a ‘disturbance’ under First Amendment case law.”

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