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Up, up and away: More A's, lower test scores

High school grades went up in all subjects from 2010-2022, reports ACT. Achievement did not. Grade inflation was the highest in math: The average student now earns a B+. Over the same period, "we have seen alarming declines in mathematics scores and other readiness measures," said Janet Godwin, CEO of the non-profit testing company.

Fewer students are getting B and C grades; more are assigned A's.

Grade inflation was higher for girls than for boys. Blacks had the most grade inflation with whites second. Hispanics and "others" experienced less grade inflation.

During the pandemic, many colleges and universities went "test optional" or decided not to consider test scores. Without test scores, admissions relies more heavily on grades. In warning that grades are unreliable measures of competence, ACT is acting in its own self-interest. But that doesn't make the warning false.

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01 sept. 2023

Here it isn't grade inflation as much as course objective shrinkage. The local tests are designed so only core basic competency can be demonstrated. In math, submitting the corrections earns half 80 becomes a 90 etc. The picking of winners continues. A valedictorian with the Regents Advanced Diploma, with Mastery in Math or Science Designation is a unicorn.


31 août 2023

I (HS math teacher) routinely see students getting grades in the 90s in their prior math courses, coupled with poor grades on standardized tests. When they get to me, they get quite a rude awakening.

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