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None dare call it 'behaviour'

Students in Australia report "shocking levels of classroom disruption in international surveys," and schools face "a worsening teacher shortage," but the establishment doesn't want anyone to talk about it, writes Greg Ashman on Filling the Pail.

Quillette founder Claire Lehmann discusses the taboo:

“Apparently we are not supposed to use the term “behaviour” anymore,’ wrote one teacher just this week. ‘Apparently behavioural issues are “wellbeing” issues. And behaviour is a stigmatising term for young people.’”

Some U.S. states are taking a harder line on school discipline rules, reports Stateline.

That's a mistake, argue Rachel M. Perara and Melissa Kay Diliberti on the Brookings Center blog. "Suspension-promoting policies do not reduce student misbehavior, nor do they make schools safer," their research finds.

While "some studies have found that non-misbehaving students’ outcomes improve when their misbehaving peers are removed," they write, other research finds scores fall when suspensions rise. "Still others find no effect."

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