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Needed: black male teachers

Isaiah Mulligan teaches first grade in Washington, D.C.

Low-income black students who have just one black teacher in grades 3-5 are more likely to graduate and consider college,” a recent Johns Hopkins study found.  Dropout rates for  low-income black boys fell by 39 percent, if they’d had at least one black teacher.

Only seven percent of teachers are black; two percent are black and male.

Education Post is running a series of essays by black male teachers.

Shamar Knight-Justice never had a black male teacher in K-12. Now he works at a KIPP school in Atlanta.

Isaiah Mulligan, who teaches at an all-black school in Washington, D.C., tries to teach his first graders that anything is possible.

As a child in the South Bronx, he attended a charter school where he was “surrounded by educators who looked like me and valued my individual strengths and talents.” His principal became his mentor through college and beyond.

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA), The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice and Education Post have teamed up to host a Twitter chat on #BlackMaleEducators.

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