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International Schools

It’s August, which means the start of school is just around the corner. Heck, I go back to work one week from today, and students show up just two days later!

But whining about going back to work isn’t the focus of this post.

A teacher at my school just “retired” in June.  No, she’s not in her 60s and she’s not done with education, but she is done with education in California and she is old enough to “retire”.  She’d previously taught at international schools in Europe and the Caribbean, and she’s accepted a position at an international school in the Balkans.

She’s planted the seed in my head, and I’m considering the idea myself.  There’s much to think about, but I can’t help but wonder…

I’m sure there are readers of this blog who have experience teaching in international schools.  What are your thoughts?  What was your experience with the agencies that place international teachers?  What are some of the unforeseen issues you had to deal with?  What is your favorite story?

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