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Happy Thanksgiving

I remember making these in school in the 1950's. I don't think much has changed.

Credit: wkboarder

Bion Bartning of FAIR (Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism) urges choosing gratitude over grievance.

Two years ago, his son's second-grade teacher urged families to "reimagine" Thanksgiving, saying that “for many in the Native American community, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning.”

Bartning, who has Native American ancestry, was dismayed. "As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving 2022, I am deeply grateful that our children are now enrolled in schools where Thanksgiving and other holidays are observed in a way that honors and respects the values that are important to me, my family, and the rest of the exhausted majority in this country," he writes. "Values like gratitude, optimism, and, of course, fairness, understanding, and humanity."

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