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College grads sign up for ‘adulting school’

Millennials who don’t know how to cook a meal, get their car’s oil changed, buy insurance or stick to a budget are the target of the Adulting School, a new program in Maine, reports NPR.

In private social media groups and live events at local bars and restaurants, young would-be adults seek help with grown-up skills, such as paying bills, choosing a career and folding a fitted sheet.  (Folding a fitted sheet is hard. I recommend lowering your folding standards.)

Carly Bouchard, 29, went to business school, but doesn’t know how to manage her finances, she said. “I’m a financial cripple.”

The Adulting School’s web site doesn’t say how much it costs to enroll, which seems odd given the stress on managing money. After all, you can go online and find advice on how to make deviled eggs or how to get out a red wine stain.

Or call your parents.


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