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A Bible in every classroom

Oklahoma's public school teachers have been ordered to use the Bible in lessons on "history, civilization, ethics, comparative religion, or the like" -- and to keep a copy on hand in the classroom, reports Nuria Martinez-Keel in the Oklahoma Voice.

Burt Lancaster played a confidence man turned evangelist in "Elmer Gantry."

The Bible is "a cornerstone of Western civilization, along with the Ten Commandments," wrote Superintendent Ryan Walters in a letter to school districts.

In addition, “we’re going to be looking at the Mayflower Compact (and) other of those foundational documents to point to and say, listen, here’s conceptually what the founders believed,” Walters told reporters Thursday.

State social studies standards "already require schools to teach students about the impact of religion on U.S. society and government," writes Martinez-Keel.

Furthermore, the state attorney general's office noted, “Oklahoma law already explicitly allows Bibles in the classroom and enables teachers to use them in instruction.”

"Public schools are not Sunday Schools," said Rachel Laster, president of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Mandating "use of the Bible in Oklahoma public schools’ curriculum — is a transparent, unconstitutional effort to indoctrinate and religiously coerce public school students."

I'm all for teaching students about Western civilization, but this seems to be grandstanding for the church vote.

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Jun 30

In my 1970s high school US Government class the teacher took the separation of church and state so far, probably out of fear of legal reprisal, that they never mentioned the Ten Commandments and it's influence on our laws. They were quite comfortable referring to the Code of Hammurabi. I remember as a teen waiting for them to include the obvious. Also, whenever any historic documents were studied it was almost as if any mention of God was redacted and explained away as, "Oh, they just talked that way back then." It was never mentioned that many of the signers of our founding documents were ministers. We weren't really required to memorize important excerpts from these documents very possibly because…


Jun 29

God forbid the teacher starts 'em reading the Song of Solomon!

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