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What About The 1st Amendment?

Remember that “free speech movement” that started in Berkeley?  It didn’t stick:

Middlebury College’s Student Government Association has thrown down the gauntlet: Give us our demands or we go away. Huh? In a campuswide letter Tuesday, student leaders promised that most of them will resign, “effectively dissolving” the Senate, if the administration doesn’t make “tangible plans to implement” the SGA’s 13 demands. They demanded President Laurie Patton address their demands at a Tuesday town hall… Some of the SGA’s demands are deeply illiberal and would violate the academic freedom of faculty. It wants to subject invited speakers to the scrutiny of the administration’s and its own diversity organizations. Academic departments and other organizations would have to fill out a “due diligence form” that would let the diversity organizations “determine whether a speaker’s beliefs align with Middlebury’s community standards, removing the burden of researching speakers from the student body.”

More that would make Orwell proud is available at the link.

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