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U will monitor students’ social media, moods

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university will monitor students’ social media posts to assess their well-being and happiness, reports Richard Vaughan on iNews. The University of Buckingham aims become Europe’s first “positive university.”

“Widespread and growing” mental-health problems lead to student suicides and dropouts, said Sir Anthony Seldon, the university’s vice chancellor.

The college transition is difficult, he said.

We assume students finish their A-levels, they have a 10 week summer holiday then something magical happens and they can cope with living away from home. Suddenly they can manage their own food intake, their sleep, exercise, they can manage their own finances, laundry and bedtime. They can manage when a relationship breaks up and when they have depression or anxiety attacks and of course they can’t.”

The university will offer first-year students training in “mindfulness” and “positive psychology.”

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