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Teens love their smartphones -- but some say it's 'peaceful' to be phone-free

Older girls are more likely than younger girls or boys to feel anxious without their smartphone.

Ninety-five percent of teens have access to a smartphone, and about six-in-ten say they use TikTok, Snapchat or Instagram, reports Pew. "Nearly half say they are online almost constantly."

Most say the the time they spent on phones (51 percent) or social media (64 percent) is about right, but they are more likely to say the spend too much time than too little.

Some have cut down on screen time, but most have not.

Seventy percent say smartphones "provide more benefits than harms for people their age."

However, 42 percent think phone usage makes it harder to learn good social skills, while 30 percent say it's easier.

YouTube is the most popular social media platform, with TikTok -- which may be banned if it remains under Chinese ownership -- is in second place.

Schools across the country are banning cell phone use to regain students' attention, encourage face-to-face socializing and discourage fights. However, most parents want their children to have phones at school, reports a National Parents Union survey.

Eighty percent wanted to able to reach their child in an emergency, and half said they needed to coordinate school pick-ups, reports Amanda Geduld on The 74. Forty percent "said they want their kids to be able to communicate with them about their mental health or other needs throughout the day."


"Just over half of parents believe that kids should sometimes be allowed to use their cell phones in school, while about a third believe students should be banned from using phones unless they’re needed for a medical condition or disability," she writes. "There was very little parent support for locking up students’ cell phones in secure pouches or containers." 

Parents are concerned about their children's use of social media, the survey found. Eighty-three percent supported a minimum age limit for children to have their own social media accounts.

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13 mar

Wanna make a youngster uncomfortable? Put them somewhere that's quiet with no distracting sounds, like a forest or desert. They find absence of music, idle chatter, or other media stimulation almost unbearable. As for little old me? I'd like the whole world to STFU.

Me gusta
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