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Seattle parents fight homeless camp near school

Photo: KOMO News

Seattle parents protested a homeless camp less than a block from their children's elementary school yesterday, reports Jeremy Harris for KOMO News. The Ship Canal Bridge camp near John Stanford International School has a history of violence, fires and drug use.

As parents held signs on the 45th street overpass, We Heart Seattle outreach volunteers were confronted by activists who oppose clearing the camp.

“We believe sweeping that camp would be a form of harm reduction for everyone, including the people living there," said Andrea Suarez of We Heart Seattle, which organizes trash cleanups. "There’s nothing humane about letting people live there and languish.”

Washington "Gov. Jay Inslee visited the site and met with parents at the school last week," saying the camp will be removed "as soon as humanly possible" once the residents have been offered housing, Harris reports.

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Mar 20, 2023

Playing hot potato with the homeless never works and is definitely not a long term solution.


Mar 19, 2023

That's just to the west of the UW campus (both our kids are there, and one lives a couple blocks from the 45th street overpass mentioned in the article). There was a shooting this week right in front of a strip of dorms (corner of Campus Pkwy and University Ave, someone hit in the ankle, shooter was not caught). There were two shootings a couple months ago in a single week along the business district on University Ave, where kids hang out, get coffee and late nigh schwarma, and go to the Campus bookstore.

To the south, the very pleasant downtown shopping district of Westlake has become home to fentanyl zombies, dealers, and homeless tents. Major retailers, like Macy's, Nike's…

Mar 22, 2023
Replying to

And what to do with them? Drop them in the ocean? That was the solution in Chile.

Send then to sunny Florida or California?

Go back to the insane asylums of old?!

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