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San Diego legislator proposes in-state tuition for Tijuana residents

Tijuana, Mexico residents would pay in-state tuition at San Diego community colleges under a bill proposed by Assemblyman David Alvarado, reports CBS8 News. It's estimated 1,000 students cross the border to attend classes.

“We live in a very unique region where 100,000 people cross everyday, this means 10,000 families who happen to live in Tijuana, who live on the other side of the border but are still San Diegans,” said Alvarez.

His bill would cover low-income students who live within 45 miles of the border.

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Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith
14 ene 2023

Instead, in light of the deficit the Newsom Democrats have run up, we should offer in-state tuition only to those legally resident in California, and suggest Assemblyman Alvarado go represent Tijuana in the Baja state legislature, which can fork up the money for his students if it so chooses -- but it should first check to see if such youth are students qualified for college student aid by having been certified as having achieved an ordinary level of education in six subjects (which should include English, in the United States), before their admission.

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