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Reaching out to every child

Patillo teachers post “shout outs” to students in a  hallway.  Photo: Lisa Philp / WUNC

Teachers chart their relationships with students at a high-poverty North Carolina school, reports Lisa Philip on WUNC. Pattillo Middle School teachers post the names of school’s 265 students on index cards, then place dots by those with whom they have meaningful relationships.

“Then we were able to step back and see which students didn’t have a dot, or didn’t have as many dots as other kids,” said Byron Bullock, an administrator at the Edgecombe County school, about 75 miles east of Raleigh. “And so teachers said, ‘Wow, I never really thought about how I never really reached out to this kid.’”

With help from the Public School Forum of North Carolina, teachers in three schools are trying to provide more support to students who’ve experienced trauma.

If every student had a relationship with at least one adult at school . . . It would help.

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