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Miami may build schools with teacher housing

Katy Howser, a kindergarten teacher in Santa Clara (California) lives at Casa Del Maestro, an apartment complex for teachers. Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

Miami-Dade may build apartments for teachers on school property, reports Douglas Hanks in the Miami Herald.

A preliminary proposal includes constructing a new mid-rise middle school in the luxe Brickell area for Southside Elementary, with a floor devoted to residential units, and several more reserved for parking and the classrooms on top. If that goes well, Miami-Dade wants a full-fledged housing complex next to Phillis Wheatley Elementary, with as many as 300 apartments going up on the campus just north of downtown.

“The concept would add Miami to a scattering of cities across the country where schools are using their own real estate to provide more affordable housing to their workforces,” reports Hanks.

However, some doubt that teacher housing is an effective recruitment and retention tactic.

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