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Mayors: Don’t limit new charters 

Families want and need new charter schools, write a bipartisan group of mayors in an open letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona. Proposed changes in federal funding would “privilege . . . distant bureaucrats” over the “interests and needs of our diverse school communities.”

Mayor Joe Hogsett, who’s seen charters boost achievement in Indianapolis, signed a letter asking for federal support for new charter schools.

“Public charter schools are essential levers in achieving education equity,” they write. The proposed rules would constrain schools and educators “at a time when more families need and are demanding the flexibility and tailored support that public charter schools offer.”

The letter was signed by the mayors of Central Falls, Rhode Island; Cleveland, Ohio; Fort Worth, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Denver, Colorado; Pembroke Pines, Florida; Providence, Rhode Island; Washington, D.C.; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

In a conversation with Chalkbeat’s Matt Barnum, Assistant Education Secretary Robert Rodríguez said the administration will try to make the new rules less burdensome.

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