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Job market is strong for ’17 college grads

College graduates in the class of ’17 are entering the best job market in 10 years, reports CareerBuilder.

new survey shows 74 percent of employers plan to hire recent college graduates this year, up from 67 percent last year. Thirty-nine percent will pay a starting salary of $50,000 or more. However, 23 percent will pay new graduates less than $30,000.

Majors in the most demand:

Credential inflation is continuing: 41 percent of employers are hiring college graduates for jobs that used to be done primarily by high school graduates, another CareerBuilder survey reports.

Aaron Clarey explains why he’ll never hire a recent liberal arts graduate (or anyone from Evergreen State College).

We need programmers, engineers, accountants, marketers, doers, workers, movers, and shakers. Not sanctimonious 22 year old, self-styled intellectuals who actually put CRITICAL THINKING on their resumes.  . . . I’d GLADLY hire a high school graduate who knows nothing than a doctorate in sociology who thinks they know everything. The high schooler is at least trainable. Three, closely related to the brainwashing they receive in college, liberal arts majors are not driven by work ethic, humility, and a determination to succeed, but entitlement. This shows not only in their lack of work ethic, but their delusional salary and career expectations.

Clarey concedes some liberal arts majors may be intelligent, hard-working people, but he’s unwilling to risk hiring a “professional victim” eager to sue for whatever.

Of course, it’s a rant. But I’d very wary of hiring someone taught to define annoyances as “microaggressions.” It’s hard to create an annoyance-free workplace.

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