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How to lose friends and influence nobody

Demonstrators occupied the office of Stanford University's president Wednesday morning, vowing not to leave until their demands were met, reports Heather Knight in the New York Times. Less than three hours later, they were arrested, leaving beyond "extensive damage" and anti-Israel, anti-American and anti-police graffiti, said Dee Mostofi, a Stanford spokeswoman.

Protesters defaced a war memorial.

Arrested students will be suspended, and seniors will not be allowed to graduate, said Mostofi. “We will work with law enforcement to ensure that they face the full consequences allowed by law." A police officer was injured after being shoved.

The protesters had demanded that university trustees vote to divest from companies that support Israel's military, and that pro-Palestinian protesters receive amnesty. They wanted the university's interim president, Richard Saller, to support the divestment proposal and disclose all of the holdings in Stanford’s endowment.

A heavily masked "Keffiyeh Karen" said Saller's legacy would be "complicity in genocide," if he refused. I guess he prefers to be remembered as someone who doesn't negotiate with vandals.

Spray-painted slogans on the sandstone walls of the Quad included “Pigs Taste Best Dead” and “Death 2 Israehell.” A memorial to Stanford students who volunteered in the Spanish-American War was defaced.

Shortly after the early morning arrests, police began dismantling a pro-Palestine encampment erected April 25 on a campus plaza.

Wednesday was the last day of classes. Stanford's graduation is scheduled for June 16. Melinda French Gates will be the commencement speaker.

Update: The occupiers have been charged with burglary, a felony, reports the Stanford Daily.

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Richard Rider
Richard Rider
06 jun

Below is Islam 101 for the dolts who don't know what Allah has in store for them once Muslims take power:

* Feminist converts to Islam will be surprised to learn that abortions are seldom if ever allowed in any Muslim country.

* Women who marry a Muslim in a Sharia ruled country are accepting that Muslim husbands have the LEGAL right to beat them with a stick if these men feel their wives have in any way violated Muslim diktats -- or the husband's wishes.

* Sharia law condones child bride marriages. Child brides as young as ages 10 to 12 are acceptable under the Koran.

* Parents often are free to sell their kids -- especially young girls…

Me gusta

Richard Rider
Richard Rider
06 jun

Coincidentally, I just gave my 13 year old grandson the classic book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. It's been updated, but it's as true today as it was decades ago. Thankfully not one of these disruptors has read it -- let alone inculcated the advice into their strategies. Here's my check list for how schools should deal with such student bullies and vandals: SOLUTIONS for disruptive protestors invading buildings:

1. Start recording the event as quickly as possible. Make known that you are recording.

2. Call police if the intruder remains after being told to leave.

3. Press trespassing charges. And other charges if they damage property.

4. Get its name (verify). 5. Use voice recognition software to…

Me gusta

06 jun

It's a good start. But with all their other hijinks (a president doing research fraud?) my graduate alma mater still needs an enema.

Me gusta
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