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Gunmen steal students' sneakers in DC

Students were robbed of their shoes outside their Washington D.C. middle school Friday by three men who said they had a gun, reports Hill Rag. Thieves in the same car had robbed students at a nearby high school minutes earlier.

Police say the robbers stole Air Jordan 4's, Alexander McQueen's and black Nike boots from the students.

Luis Garcia, 16, was shot outside his Denver high school.

Luis Garcia, 16, is in critical condition at a Denver hospital after being shot outside his high school last week. Classmates asked the Denver City Council for a safety plan at a meeting last night, reports Jamie Leary for CBS Colorado.

"The district removed school resource officers in 2020 and the students say they'd like to see some version of this back in the hallways, along with things security cameras and violence prevention programs," she reports.

"Our goal here is to really just explain that we're so scared and we don't feel safe at school and we don't feel supported and this isn't on us," said Teo Tullar, a junior at East High.

The Baltimore Banner reports on schools in violent neighborhoods. "For some city high school students, the danger that lurks outside the perimeter of their schools requires constant calculation and vigilance. In the first month of 2023, eight students have been shot just past the edge of their high schools’ property. Two of the students died. The shootings are part of a troubling rise in teenagers shot near high schools since the pandemic started."

Students exposed to violence have reading and math scores, not surprisingly, researchers find. "The effects increased with the number of violent crimes."


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