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Gourmet food delivery goes to college

Image result for "Stoovy Snacks" Boston University

At pricey private colleges, students are spending a bit more to get gourmet food delivered to their dorm rooms, reports Janelle Nanos in the Boston Globe.

College cafeterias have gone upscale to feed students “raised on restaurant food,” she writes. Apps let students pick up “grab-and-go gourmet meals to reheat in rooms” or get “cafeteria food delivered right to dorms.”

. . . Kelsey Bishop, a finance and entrepreneurship major at Boston College, thinks it’s entirely normal to sit in her morning Financial Policy class and tap her order into an app for a veggie omelet for pickup at the school’s Hillside Cafeteria. . . . after late nights out, she and her roommates will tap their phone and, voila, breakfast is delivered from the dining hall to her dorm — like room service in a four-star hotel, minus the linen-draped tray.

“At Boston University, a school-sanctioned startup called Stoovy Snacks is taking on GrubHub,” Nanos writes. Stoovy couriers are BU students who can deliver to the door, not just the dorm lobby,

“We’re offering door-to-door service,” said Aaron Halford, a Boston University sophomore who started the business last fall, inspired in part by his own lethargy. “I think there are a lot of wealthy, lazy kids that don’t want to go down the elevator to pick up food,” he said.

“We know students are ordering Ubers to go from Upper campus to Lower campus” — a distance of less than three-quarters of a mile — and are increasingly placing meal orders from outside restaurants, said Elizabeth Emery, who runs dining services at Boston College.


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