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Elder Abuse?

If anyone else were treating seniors this way–especially if the big bad were a(n evil) corporation–there would be howls of indignation.  When a school district does it?  Just eh:

When campaigning for property tax hikes for schools, boosters widely pledge to exempt older property owners from paying the taxes. But after voters pass the taxes, some school districts make it difficult to learn about the exemption, and even place impediments to senior and disabled property owners applying for them. That’s a finding of the 2016-’17 Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury, which surveyed how K-12 districts handle applications from property owners seeking a break from school parcel taxes. While the jury didn’t find any intentional wrongdoing, it did find room for improvement.

Of course not.  I’m sure no one intended to keep seniors in the dark.  By the way, I have this cool bridge I’m selling….

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