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Conservatives focus on school board races

California Republicans are focusing on running candidates for school board seats,

reports Sameea Kamal in CalMatters. The GOP's “Parent Revolt” program "includes virtual training sessions that detail how and where to run for office, plus tips for digital campaigns and going door-to-door."

Sonja Shaw, the mother of two children in public school, says she's running for school board to "empower parents."

Democrats have a 2 to 1 edge in party registrations in California. There's little chance State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, a former Democratic legislator, will be defeated for re-election.

But Republicans can make a difference at the local level, former state party chair Shawn Steel told CalMatters. “You see the schools are just in great freefall and chaos. Parents don’t want to send their kids there. So this is the time to get people that are otherwise angst-ridden, upset, powerless.”

The long-term goal is to win legislative and congressional races by "re-engaging core Republican voters and attracting independents," writes Kamal.

Moms for Liberty, a fast-growing group based in Florida, is working to elect school-board members with conservative views, report Marc Ramirez and Kathryn Varn on USA TODAY.

In Florida, conservative candidates endorsed by Gov. Ron DeSantis did well, even in liberal districts, reports Linda Jacobson on The 74. "Unofficial results show 19 of the 30 candidates he endorsed won their races. Six others are headed to runoffs in the general election on Nov. 8 and five were defeated."

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Aug 31, 2022

The issue with the social conservative Republicans running for school board is they focus on CRT, banning books, and sex education and then when elected, realize that most of the job is budgets, personnel, along with a ton of class and race issues.

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