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Can Jayden read?

Parents are positive thinkers: 92 percent say their kids are doing reading and math at grade level, even after the pandemic, according to a Learning Heroes survey. More than 86 percent say their child is receiving A’s and B’s.

Tell parents the truth about their child's academic progress, writes Cindi Williams, co-founder of Learning Heroes, on Ed Post. She fears parents won't sign their students up for tutoring or other extra help if they think their kids are doing OK. Even worse, she writes, is the message that “if everyone is behind then no one is behind; we are all in the same boat.”

The Ciresi Walburn Foundation has put up billboards in Minnesota to warn parents that learning loss isn't just for other people's children.

However, school closures hit some communities and students much harder than others. Some students had the technology, the temperament and the parental tutoring to weather remote classes. Others didn't.

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