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Best state for teachers: New York

New York is the best state for teachers, according to WalletHub’s analysis. Arizona ranked last.

WalletHub analyzed 21 metrics, ranging from teachers’ income growth potential to pupil-teacher ratio to teacher safety.Best States for TeachersWorst States for Teachers1New York42Oklahoma2New Jersey43Montana3Illinois44New Mexico4Connecticut45North Carolina5Pennsylvania46Louisiana6Minnesota47Florida7Massachusetts48Mississippi8Wyoming49South Carolina9Ohio50Hawaii10Oregon51Arizona

Wyoming offers the highest average starting salary for teachers (adjusted for cost of living), $47,185 and Michigan has the highest average salary, $70,327. Hawaii is chintziest in both categories: Teachers start at $24,508 and average $34,308.

Pupil-teacher ratios are lowest in Vermont (10.55 students per teacher) and highest in California (23.58).

Vermont also spends the most per student, $24,421. That’s nearly four times higher than spending in Idaho, $6,515. (Idaho may change its school funding formula.)

Massachusetts, New Jersey and New Hampshire have the best school systems, according to WalletHub, while Louisiana, New Mexico and West Virginia are the worst.

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