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Back to school — nervously

Notebooks, pencils, ruler, bulletproof backpack panel . . . Sales are up for “ballistic protection” for schoolchildren, reports Kevin McCoy in USA Today.

This Kevlar backpack includes a hood.

Nearly one in five parents said they’d bought bulletproof school gear in an online survey by Hardwire, which sells “bulletproof whiteboards, emergency response shields and backpack inserts,” writes McCoy.

Parents can choose from a variety of bulletproof backpacks and backpack panels, though some are too heavy for younger students.

“BulletSafe and Guard Dog Security say their products are able to stop bullets from nearly all handguns,” writes McCoy. “However, they acknowledge that the products likely wouldn’t stop bullets from the military-style rifles used in the Parkland, Florida, tragedy and other school shootings.”

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