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After 2 shootings, Denver brings police back to high schools

Denver Superintendent Alex Marrero will return armed police officers to the district's high schools for the rest of the school year, after a student shot and wounded two East High School administrators on March 22. Austin Lyle, 17, fled the scene and was found dead later that day, an apparent suicide. He was on probation for a firearms offense at a different high school, reports CBS 4. His "safety plan" required him to be searched for firearms every day.

The school board, which voted in 2020 to remove all police from Denver schools, supported the decision.

East High students marched to the Colorado Capitol after the death of classmate Luis Garcia, 16. Photo: Erica Meltzer/Chalkbeat

"After the February shooting death of East High student Luis Garcia, 16, -- who was shot in the head while sitting in his car" across from the school campus -- students asked the Denver City Council to return school resource officers to Denver Public Schools, report Nicole C. Brambila and Julia Cardi in the Denver Gazette. "On March 4, they marched from the school to the state capitol to rally, remember Garcia and urge legislators to do something about the gun violence in schools."

When a Christian school in Nashville was attacked, police officers ran toward the sound of gunfire and killed the shooter. Audrey Hale, also known as Aiden Hale, killed three nine-year-old students and three school employees.

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Apr 02, 2023

Ah, yes, the price of wokeness. And the price of living in a woke city.

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