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A diploma track for students who say 'no' to college

Fewer Indiana students are enrolling in college. Photo: Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana's state board of education is allowing districts to create diploma tracks for students who want to enter the workforce immediately, reports Aleksandra Appleton on Chalkbeat.

So far, it's only a few school districts and one adult learning center, but others may win approval as part of a proposed push to “reinvent” the high school experience.

Yorktown High School Principal Stacey Brewer said some students aren't interested in college or the military. They'll be trained in skills employers value and will "receive preferential interviews and hiring from local employers — including Yorktown schools," Appleton reports.

In Hammond schools, the alternative pathway will prepare students to enlist in the military. It includes JROTC classes.

State graduation requirements are geared for students with college plans: 12.4 percent of the pre-pandemic Class of 2019 received a waiver to graduate without meeting the requirements. Only 59 enrolled in college to pursue a two- or four-year degree or a certificate.

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