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Yale, Harvard offer the gentlewoman's 'A'

Nearly 80 percent of grades at Yale are A's, reports Evan Gorelick in the Yale Daily News. That ranges from 52 percent in economics and 55 percent in math to 86 percent in education studies and 92 percent in gender studies.

Yale University

STEM professors appear to be tougher graders.

The percentage of A grades had risen to 73 percent in 2018-19, according to a report to the faculty by economics professor Ray Fair. There's no data for 2019-20, because all grades were pass/fail in spring semester, but in 2020-21, the percentage of A grades jumped to 82 percent, said Fair. The "Covid effect" has more or less persisted."

"The Harvard Office of Undergraduate Education presented a similar report on grade inflation to the university’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences in October," writes Gorelick. Seventy-nine percent of Harvard grades were A's, and grades were lower in STEM courses, higher in the humanities.

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