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Why teachers quit

Student misbehavior is a key reason that teachers leave their jobs, writes Chalkboard Review's Tony Kinnett, who surveyed teachers in the Midwest on June 10.

He asked for "the largest reason you're leaving your position," offering various choices. "Student behavior is poor and left unchecked" was cited by 319 of the 615 responders, followed by 138 for “progressive political activity (Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity, etc.) required by administration” and 134 for “salary is insufficient”.

Very few said pressure from parents on curriculum or teaching was a major reason for leaving their jobs.

Seventy-three percent cited student misbehavior, when he asked teachers to fill in the blank on: “I’m not being paid enough to deal with _______.” Another 20 percent listed progressive policies.

A majority of the teachers who responded are union members, Kinnett reports.

He concedes he should have asked about “conservative/Republican education legislation,” rather than assuming that would be covered by “parental concerns,” and provided an opportunity for those who picked "other" to explain their reasons.

The key for me is not the politics, but the effect of classroom chaos on teachers.

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