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What Gen Z isn’t learning in middle school

Middle schoolers are communicating more, but connecting less, writes Alex Whitcomb on Medium.

Middle-school relationships are crucial, he writes.

You all know what I’m talking about?—?the note-passing, “check yes if you like me,” gossip around the lunch table about who likes who. . . . with the dawn of new technology, Gen-Z is in the midst of overhauling a staple that has lasted for generations. They are communicating more than any generation before them, but experiencing significantly less human connection. It should come as no surprise that this goes hand-in-hand with being the most anxious generation, and the most heavily medicated.

“Humans need deep connection to survive,” Whitcomb writes. “Deep connection doesn’t come without deep vulnerability, and if all you know is text relationships, constant jealousy, and a 24/7 world that doesn’t end at the end of a school day,how could you not be anxious?”

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