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Virtual Reality meets financial reality

Unable to afford Apple's new augmented reality headset, a Harrison, Arkansas man "has found the next best thing by "duct-taping his iPhone onto the front of a pair of old ski goggles," reports the

Babylon Bee.

"It's pretty much exactly the same," claimed Jim Butcher. "Look, my notifications pop up directly in front of my eyes! I can't read them because they're too close, but wow!"

"At publishing time, Apple confirmed they would soon be selling a "Vision Lite," which is just a roll of duct tape to attach your phone to a pair of ski goggles," reports the Bee. "The tape will retail for a more reasonable price of $1,300."

Among the specs and cool features of the Apple Vision Pro, reports The Onion, are:

  • Seamless “Your iCloud storage is full” pop-up experience.

  • Hands-free to allow you to easily scroll on your iPhone.

  • 360-degree infrared sensors notify user when nearby people are laughing at them.

  • High-resolution screen lets user easily watch movies and TV from the comfort of their couch.

  • Up to two minutes of battery life.

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