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Schools in England will teach 'biological sex' -- not 'gender spectrum'

Schools in England will not teach students about "gender identity," under a new government draft guidance, reports Andrew McDonald for Politico. “It is important that schools take a cautious approach to teaching about this sensitive topic, and do not use any materials that present contested views as fact, including the view that gender is a spectrum,” it states.

Sex education would be delayed until school year 5, when pupils turn nine.

Britain’s Conservative government "previously ordered English schools to inform parents if their children want to transition gender," writes McDonald.

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan told the BBC that “biological sex is the basis of relationship, sex and health education — not these contested views.” She said she's seen evidence that pupils were being taught that there could be “72 genders.”

The guidance will be finalized after nine weeks of public comments.

When sex ed is taught, it should be based on scientific fact, not gender ideology, the guidance states.

At age 13, students can be taught about contraception, STIs and abortion, as well as about domestic violence, coercive control, and sexual violence, notes the Daily Mail.

Older children will be warned about pornography, sexual harassment, revenge porn, forced marriage and grooming, and told that sending naked photographs of someone under 18 can be a crime.

England, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark are "walking back" their laws and policies on transgenderism, reported Parents Defending Education last August. They are limiting the use of hormones, puberty blockers and surgical interventions for children under 18.

Scotland's Green Party expelled 13 members for saying that sex is "a biological reality." The members has signed a declaration also saying that women should have the right to “female-only spaces such as changing rooms, hospital wards, sanitary and sleeping accommodation, refuges, hostels and prisons.”

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