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Putin orders pro-war classes

Russian schools are watching war movies, taking "virtual tours" through Crimea and "celebrating Russia's 'rebirth' under President Vladimir V. Putin, writes Anton Troianovski in the New York Times.

Soviet children were encouraged to join the Young Pioneers.

"All Russian children will be encouraged to join a new patriotic youth movement in the likeness of the Soviet Union’s red-cravatted 'Pioneers' -- presided over by the president himself," he reports.

It will not be called Putin Youth, however.

Putin has ordered Russian schools to hire "patriotic advisors" to instill "spiritual-moral values," reports the Moscow Times. It's all "part of a new educational program that will replace Russia’s current curriculum."

Students will be taught that Ukraine is part of Russia and prepared to "serve and defend the fatherland."

Russia is sending teachers -- volunteers get large bonuses -- to occupied Ukraine, reports Robyn Dixon in the Washington Post. They will teach Russia's view of Ukraine's history.

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