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‘I’m sending my kids to screen-free schools’

Photo: Natureaddict/Pixabay

Auguste Meyrat is sending his children to “screen-free” schools, he writes in The Federalist.

As a teacher, he’s seen the damage inflicted by obsessive smartphone use. Students “have lost the ability to focus; they can’t remember anything (except to check their smartphone every other second); they lack imagination and depend heavily on sound and visuals, and they are bored by everything.”

Instead of learning about their world and participating in it, the majority of young people are glued to their devices, playing video games, scrolling through social media, and streaming videos. This past year, American teens and pre-teens spent an average of nine hours per day in front of a screen.

Screen addicts would rather check their social media than socialize with their classmates, writes Meyrat.

He and his wife are raising three young children screen-free. It can be exhausting, he writes, but it’s worth it. “To maintain a screen-free environment, we’ve also opted to send our children to a classical charter school that prohibits smartphones and tablets. Our eldest will enter kindergarten this fall.”

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