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Florida creates voucher for bullying victims

Andy Leach, a 12-year-old Mississippi boy, killed himself last week. He left a note saying he’d been bullied in middle school. Photo: Clarion Ledger

Bullied students will be offered a voucher to cover transportation to a new public school or a $6,700 voucher toward tuition at a private school, under Florida’s new education law, reports Ed Week.

To  qualify for a “Hope Scholarship,” a student would have to report harassment or physical assault to the school.

The Florida Department of Education would also be required to review bullying prevention programs and school climate at any school that has had 10 or more students opt into the Hope Scholarship program.

In addition to victims of bullying, the new education law will provide help to special-needs students and struggling readers, writes co-sponsor Rep. Manny Diaz Jr. on The 74.

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