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First day at Santa Fe High

New security measures at Santa Fe High in Texas slowed the start of the school year’s first day last week.

School has started again at the Texas high school where 10 students and teachers were killed on May 18, reports Shelby Webb in the Houston Chronicle.

Santa Fe High School has installed metal detectors at three entrances.

A host of recognizable and unfamiliar law enforcement officers and security guards watched over the cafeteria. Comfort dogs panted near some entries and exits as students learned to navigate new corridors carved out of damaged sections of the building. The rising sun radiated off the school’s roof as a half-mile-long line of cars crawled toward the parent drop-off lane, inching to the school’s main entrance until about 20 minutes after the first bell rang.

Some students hadn’t been back to school since the shooting, which occurred two weeks before the end of the school year.

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