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Ed prof says there are 2 sexes, keeps her job

University of Southern Maine will not fire an education professor for saying there are two biological sexes, reports Troy R. Bennett in the Bangor Daily News.

Instead, the graduate students, who are seeking certification as teachers, will be offered an alternative class taught by a non-heretic.

All but one of Christy Hammer's students walked out of her Sept. 14 class, “Creating a Positive Learning Environment." In a discussion the previous week, the professor and one student had argued that biological sex is not "on a spectrum."

A non-binary student, Elizabeth Leibiger, who'd missed the previous class, brought up the issue on Sept. 14.

“I asked [Hammer] how many sexes there were,” Leibiger said. “She said, ‘Two.’ I felt under personal attack.”
Leibiger then gathered their things and walked out of class because they no longer felt respected.
“I let her know I didn’t think she was qualified to teach a class about positive learning environments,” Leibiger said. “It’s the ultimate irony.”

Students demanded a "restorative justice" meeting. The dissenting student apologized for his views, but Hammer did not change her position. (Based on her Twitter feed, Hammer, who has a doctorate in sociology, appears to be quite liberal.)

“The next step USM needs to take is being clear what accountability will look like for Christy Hammer,” said Leibiger, who will take the alternative class. Leibiger plans to become an English teacher.

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