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Do big-spending states have better schools?

School spending is one the rise in nearly every state, according to a new report by the National Center for Education Statistics, reports Kevin Mahnken on The 74.

New York spent the most money per pupil at $20,744. Utah spent the least — only $6,751. The national average is $11,454 per student.

The District of Columbia ($20,610), Alaska ($20,191), Connecticut ($19,020), New Jersey ($18,838), Vermont ($18,769), Massachusetts ($16,566), and Wyoming ($16,047) top the list of big spenders, writes Mahnken. “Six were among the 10 highest-rated states for overall school quality in Education Week’s 2017 Quality Counts state-by-state report cards.

However, school spending is factored into Ed Week‘s grades.

In the newly released Quality Counts 2018, top-spender New York gets a C+ overall and low-spender Utah a C-. I checked the cool interactive map: New York earned a B+ in finance, but a C- in K-12 achievement. Utah was dinged in funding with a D- but earned a C in achievement. Utah also did slightly better in the “chance of success” measure.

Overall, Education Week gave our nation’s schools a C grade, as it did last year.

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