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What is left out of a news story can be just as important as what is in the news story.  Case in point:

On February 28, 54 graduate students were fired from their teaching assistant positions at the University of California Santa Cruz after striking for higher wages, and 28 more were told they wouldn’t be rehired when the next quarter starts at the end of March. Many of those dismissed by the university are parents, expecting parents, and international students — and now, they say they’re struggling even more to cover basic living expenses.

What’s left out is that this was a “wildcat strike”, one not sanctioned by their union.  And they refused to do the jobs they were paid for, holding students’ grades hostage.  And why did they do this?  Because they thought that, especially in California, and double-especially in Santa Cruz, there would be no consequences.

They were mistaken.

What’s going on at UCSC regarding coronavirus?

UC Santa Cruz suspended in-person classes and Santa Cruz County declared a local emergency Tuesday as fears of the spread of coronavirus mount in the region. In-person classes at UCSC will be suspended from Wednesday through April 3, according to a campus message from Chancellor Cynthia Larive. Lectures and seminars will be offered through alternate means, such as remote conferencing.
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